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Whom it may concern 

We have successfully completed the settlement. Some, it is like became a surplus. 

And We think this also thanks to everyone, it's up to you to push forward in the future.


July 21st from 7:00 to 10:00 am Break fast Meeting at ヒルトン名古屋 Hilton Nagoya

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It was decided that the Nagoya Regional Director of Sompo Japan to visit us next week and corporate agency manager in charge. I'm talking about apply to Tokio Marine & Nichido. There is no way, was shot calyx is, Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.


新役員人事発令     New Executive Appointments issued

World One Holdings Inc.   and

Ittoku & Co.,LLC   C.E.O.        Ittoku Kato

Ittoku & Co.,LLC   President   Ryo Kato

Ittoku & Co.,LLC   China  GM   Yuan Yang

Ittoku & Co.,LLC   Peru    GM   Migeru Waman

Pablic Arms Productions   President  Ittoku Kato  

Vice Pre. Yutaka Shinozuka

World Joint Kaientai   Captain  Ryo Kato

Rich Media Products   President  Yutaka Shinozuka

RyoTokuGiJyuku   Jyukuto   Ittoku Kato  

Sub Jyukuto  Ryo Kato

Patoriot of Under Ground   Jyukuto   Ryo Kato 

Accounter   Masanori Nagae

Lawyer   Hayato Sawada


                             July  15th  2014  adbance


おはようございます。 世界中の皆さん。 そして母なる地球よ。 宇宙の神よ。 僕は望まない。 飢餓 貧困 核
戦争 詐欺 欺瞞 世界中が笑ってくれているといいな。
Good morning. Everyone around the world. And Mother Earth. God of the universe.
I do not want. Hunger poverty nuclear war fraud and deception
I hope around the world is willing to laugh.
Buenos días. Todo el mundo en todo el mundo. Y la Madre Tierra. Dios del universo. No quiero nuclear pobreza. Hambre 
Espero que el fraude y el engaño de guerra en todo el mundo está dispuesto a reír.
Selamat pagi. Semua orang di seluruh dunia. Dan Ibu Bumi. Allah semesta alam. Saya tidak ingin nuklir kemiskinan Kelaparan. 
Saya berharap penipuan perang dan penipuan di seluruh dunia bersedia untuk tertawa.
Guten Morgen. Jeder auf der ganzen Welt. Und Mutter Erde. Gott des Universums. Will ich nicht. Hunger Armut Atom 
Ich hoffe, dass Krieg Betrug und Täuschung in der ganzen Welt bereit ist, zu lachen.
Bonjour à tous. Tout le monde dans le monde. Et la Terre-Mère. Dieu de l'univers. Je ne veux pas la pauvreté. Hunger nucléaire 
J'espère que la fraude et la tromperie de la guerre dans le monde est prêt à rire.
صباح الخير. الجميع في جميع أنحاء العالم. وأمنا الأرض. إله الكون. أنا لا أريد النووية الفقر. الجوع 
آمل الغش والخداع الحرب في جميع أنحاء العالم على استعداد لتضحك.

Note  告知

July 7th everything starting up like a holding machine pistol bred on revober    Please you always touch with us

World One Holdinngs Inc.

Ittoku & Co.,llc

Public Arms Productions

Rich Media Products

龍徳義塾 RyouTokuGiJyuku

世界の海援隊 World Joint Kaientai

草莽の志士の会 Patriot Under Graound Asocciate




RyoTokuGijyuku School will start from March 3.  

The outside the box, in the school spirit that was carefree free, focusing on figure Sakamoto Ryoma in the future, such as Takasugi Shinsaku,, this cram school has provided group, individual, also attend class. There are English School, as well as the hotel's music classroom. Target will be small middle and high general.


3 instrumental increase,erectric guiter,synsesaizer drums,chenbaro

you entatainer can lessen as soon as posible 

会社が3つ増えました。当職はWorld One Holdingsの会長におさまりました。


World One Holdings Inc.   会長 加藤 一徳

ITTOKU&Co.,LLC         代表 加藤 龍

世界の海援隊合同会社      海援隊長 加藤 龍

Public Arms Productions   東京 篠塚 豊

龍徳義塾          塾頭 加藤一徳

草莽の志士の会         塾頭 加藤 龍





But we have been increased to 3. The job was relieved to chairman.

In the future, thank you.

ITTOKU & Co,.LLC representative  Haruyuki Kato 

World Joint Kaientai Inc. representative Ryo Kato 

Public Arms Productions LLC representative Ittoku Kato Tokyo Sub Yutaka Shinotuka

Asociation Patoriot of under ground  jukuto Ittoku Kato 

I am soliciting sponsorship person. Is from 

¥ 30,000 per one month

I take the e-mail If you would like to know more details.

2013年9月 パブリックアームズ、世界の海援隊、(草莽の志士の会)、3社発足

2013年9月 溶融塩 販売可否決定 否定

2013年6月 ガールズプロジェクト Public Arms 始動。ARIIX始動。

2013年6月 ナイジェリア支店がオープンしました。ガーナ支店との連携をとって、対アフリカ輸出入を展開してきます。

2013年3月 三重支店がオープンしました。海外への船舶、農業機械の輸出の拠点となります。

September 2013 , Public Arms,Kaientai of the world, Asociation Patoriot of under ground  three companies established

September molten salt sales permission determination negative in 2013

June Girls Project Public Arms starting in 2013. ARIIX start.

June 2013 Girls Band Project Public Arms start,ARIIX start

June 2013 Nigeria branch is now open. Take cooperation with Ghana branch, you will be deployed to Africa import and export.March 2013 Mie branch is now open. It will ship to overseas, a base for the export of agricultural machinery.

2013年1月14日 幹部会議 ヒルトン名古屋 ザ テラス


We started fishing boat , oyster rafts, log house hotel construction


With the November 23, I invited the chief secretary's officeYou hear the question.


 With the October 15, I opened a branch in Ghana. Involved, I have opened a branch in London


ASIA Head Quater Meeting at Nagoya Hilton

As of today, the Shanghai branch will be open.

In this, China branch will be the two stores in Chengdu, Shanghai.
Will reliably secure the success of trade with China.
We look forward to order.15th June 2012

We Ittoku & Co. change to LLC

and Yawn Yown China brunch maneger stand for business


April 28th~May 6th ASIA Head Quater Meeting at Nagoya Hilton

Genji   attend Japan,China,U.S.A.  

April 26 and 22 second Yu-GI-Oh and iPod devuet in Japan

Feb 25th 2012   Head Quater Meeting at Nagoya Hiltton

2011年12月15日 Information of change stuff 


2012年5月3日 幹部会議 ヒルトン名古屋 源氏

Here are the minutes of the regular meeting on May 3, Genji Hilton Nagoya.

A: iPod: pattern has been delayed in shipping (Lee).

B: iPhone:Remanded the battery is discovered attached MSDS from Apple.

C: Unique speaker :Price and market research on the Chinese side asked: .Retail Price as ¥ 3600 in Japan ,but 130yuan = $ 20.7 = ¥ 1660.

D: Articles of Incorporation: proof seal for executive personnel, submission of residence. Add content business,broaden the frame of the antiquary. Qualification of all life and non-life insurance that will have.

E: Pilot market research andpurchase items Ittoku Kato and MiguelWaman are going to Chengdu in Sichuan Province    in May: China market research:

F: Market research in Japan and South America: Chinesegreen tea. 

G: Comic Each set of the Yu-Gi-Oh! A stock book stock already sold 6 the remaining 64 books

H: Market research in Japan and South America.concearn with Chinesegreen tea.

ご応募いただいた人たちへ 6月某日、名古屋市の本社でキックオフミーティングを行いますので 是非、参加してください。遠方の方交通費支給します 当日は顔合わせと簡単なリハーサル 立食パーティを考えています 参加費用無料  Public Arms Project powered by Ittoku&Co,.LLC 本社 052-753-8501 連絡 070-5337-1649
koenigsegg Agera
koenigsegg Agera
Volvo S-80 T-6 TE and BENZ
Volvo S-80 T-6 TE and BENZ

too many items

some hobby including

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World Joint Kaientai. 世界の海援隊

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Close 17:00

Core time 11:00-15:00

Day off Saturday Sunday National Holiday of Japan


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